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Recycling Knight Inlet Lodge style

Friday, May 1st, 2009

Knight Inlet Lodge might be the only place in the world that earns air miles for its recycling! While that may be a bit of a stretch the reality is that our remote location, accessible on a regular basis only by floatplane, means that the majority of our recycling is flown out to Campbell River’s recycling center. The pilots at our floatplane provider, Vancouver Island Air, know that an empty passenger plane out of the lodge means that they get to double as a garbage truck on the flight home. While our cans, bottles, plastics and cardboard are all nicely wrapped or in bags this is still not the most popular flight!

Glendale Cannery

Friday, May 1st, 2009

While Glendale Cove is known worldwide today for high quality Grizzly Bear viewing it was not the first International business to locate there. That claim belongs to a fish cannery that Captain R.E. Goss built in 1910.

Operated off and on for over 40 years it was both a place of work and home to upwards of 200 people at its peak. (more…)