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Grizzly Mom and Cub, Mike and June’s blog

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

This story and pictures are compliments of Mike and June,  guests in mid August of 2009. They are returning for a second visit in September of 2010.

The bird in the first picture was on the back of the mum and annoying her, each time she made it move, it just flew straight back, pecking at her.

grizzly bear sow with cub

grizzly bear sow with cub

Eventually it flew off with the cub watching it closely

grizzly bear sow and cub

grizzly bear sow and cub

It landed on a rock close by and the cub thought it would take revenge for mum, but each time it tried to get up on the rock it slipped down again. The bird totally ignored the cub, knowing full well that it could not be reached.

grizzly bear cub, glendale Cove, Knight Inlet

grizzly bear cub, Glendale Cove, Knight Inlet

It is stories like this that really make you wonder how people could ever want to hunt this magnificent animals. Please go to this story to see a blog on what you can do help

Stop the Trophy Hunt Petition

Friday, January 22nd, 2010
Help save the grizzly bears of British Columbia

Help save the grizzly bears of British Columbia

Knight Inlet Lodge is asking everyone to sign this unique petition asking the Province of British Columbia to stop the hunting of Grizzly Bears. This link will allow you to add your name to the rapidly growing list of people that do not want grizzly bear hunting in B.C. Stop the hunt petition While there is a donation request on the second part of this site it is not necessary to donate for your name to be added to the petition.

Please help us Stop the Hunt!

Guest blog Pauline & Ian

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010


Knight Inlet Lodge bear viewing stand

Knight Inlet Lodge bear viewing stand

I am something of an Arctophile so when I saw the “Grizzly Bear Adventure” holiday in the Titan HiTours brochure my immediate thought was – this is the holiday for us. The trip was booked & we travelled in early October 2008. Thus began our venture to the beautiful, unspoiled tranquil region of Knight Inlet in Western Canada, & what has developed into my love affair with this area & it’s magnificent inhabitants – the Grizzlies.

After a fascinating drive from Victoria with interesting stops en route the overnight stay at Heron’s Landing was very comfortable. Arriving at the Vancouver Island Air Terminal the following morning I viewed our onward transport with some trepidation – the 14 seater Beaver floatplane appeared a trifle cramped but it was part of our adventure & we were soon captivated by the wonderful scenery on the 30 minute trip to Knight Inlet Lodge. From the moment we arrived it was evident that this is a sensitively run business where all of the staff are very friendly, helpful & knowledgeable, & the needs of all the guests are well catered for. After the in depth orientation talk we realised that our days were to be packed with a variety of activities which included several opportunities for bear watching of course.

And so began our regime – up early for a very satisfying breakfast at 6.30am (the only time I ever get up this early is when I’m on holiday), followed by jostling in the changing room as we dressed in the comfortable weather proof gear provided. The different activities throughout the day were interspersed with returns to the Lodge for energy giving snacks & lunch (& time to “make ourselves comfortable” of course!). The appertisers & evening meals were absolutely delicious, & after a quick visit to the shop to add more purchases to our “account” we enjoyed some very interesting talks & slideshows (another attribute of the very knowledgeable guides is that they are all excellent photographers). Then it was off to bed – tired, well fed & very happy, ready for sleep to prepare us for the following day’s adventures.

On our first outing to the Weir Stand I climbed the steps to the platform & looked down onto a mum & her cub (to be known from then on as Baby Bear) just a few metres away – my reaction? I cried!! I could not believe that I was actually there, seeing these wonderful creatures in their natural habitat – what a privilege. Out came my camera & off I went – click, click, click. Quite apart from the beautiful scenery both at the viewing stands & on the inlet cruises (we had wonderful weather during our stay) the bears & bald eagles provided excellent opportunities for the amateur photographer.

Apparently 2008 was not a good year for the salmon returning to their spawning ground – the rate of return was very low, but we watched fascinated at the bear’s antics – stalking & dashing through the water to pounce on & catch their prey. It was surprising the amount of noise the cubs made when their mothers were successful in their pursuit of fishing – especially the young twins.

We were lucky enough to see one adult enjoying himself (?)rubbing his back up & down on a tree, & were amused to see a cub trying to copy him some time later.

grizzly bear rub tree

While on an afternoon inlet cruise we met up with Frank & saw his shrimp catch & watched while he carefully selected which crabs to keep for the table & which to return to the water, We enjoyed a walk through the woods to look for bear day beds, scratching trunks & paw tracks. We opted for more opportunities for bear watching, foregoing the rainforest walk & whale watching trip. We hope to do these on our return visit later this year.

Knight Inlet Lodge certainly offers a holiday of a lifetime. But it doesn’t have to be that, you can go back – it will be like visiting family. If you are reading this you may already have visited this piece of heaven on earth – if you haven’t  we strongly recommend that you treat yourselves. You won’t regret it.

Knight Inlet Lodge

Knight Inlet Lodge

Grizzly Bears and Elephants?

Friday, January 8th, 2010

Knight Inlet Lodge is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership between itself and and African wildlife experts Norman Carr Safaris. This innovative partnership will include guide exchanges, co-operative marketing and many other unique ideas we will be announcing as we finalize them. Watch our blog for stories on the guide exchange and the partnership over the next few months.

Hayley Shephard, where is she now?

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

Former Knight Inlet Lodge Guide and Caretaker Hayley Shephard is about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. In an effort to raise awareness on the albatross of South Georgia Island Hayley is endeavouring to kayak around this remote and rugged island. To learn about her expedition and South Georgia Island or to read her blog from her days as a Caretaker at Knight Inlet Lodge.

Good luck Hayley, we’ll be watching!

Knight Inlet Lodge Head Naturalist Jamie Scarrow’s Antarctic blog

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

Jamie’s Antarctic adventure

I’m half away through my Antarctic season now, having just finished a lengthy 18-day expedition to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia, and the Antarctic peninsula over the Christmas holidays.  We had amazing sunshine weather in the Falklands and enjoyed the upclose encounters with giant albatrosses and various penguins species.  Christmas eve was spent somewhere at sea between the Falklands and South Georgia in a Force 9 strong gale with 6m waves and over 60 knots of wind.  Not the nicest time with furniture flying from its moorings and dinner beings cancelled due to the violent movement of the ship.  Christmas morning was much nicer and our time in south Georgia was great.  South Georgia is always a special place with the thousands of fur seals, ten’s of thousands of King penguins, and amazing scenery.

The end of the expedition was spent exploring the Antarctic peninsula for around 3 days.  Most of the trips we do are solely based in the peninsula area enjoying the penguins, seals, bountiful whales, and scenery.  The scenery is second to none, with the endless glacial fields and icebergs highlighted in the prolonged austral summer sun.

Just over two more months to go until I return home to my home in British Columbia.  Soon after that I’ll be back in Knight Inlet with the bears again.

-Jamie Scarrow is the Head Naturalist at Knight Inlet Lodge, Antarctic Guide and a Professional Photographer. For a look at some of Jamie’s spectacular grizzly bear photos