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Knight Inlet Lodge hosts Vital Ground

Friday, May 28th, 2010

On Saturday, May 15, Knight Inlet Lodge hosted the the Vital Ground Organization at Beaufort Vineyard & Estate Winery here in the Comox Valley. The welcoming dinner prior to the groups flight into the lodge the next morning was a casual barbeque and wine tasting event that everyone enjoyed. The amazing selection of top quality, award winning wines that Beaufort presented to our group impressed everyone in attendance.

Susan and Jeff Vandermolen of Beaufort Winery were gracious enough to  open up both their home and winery to our group.  Without their help the event could not possibly have taken place. Thank you Susan and Jeff!

Grizzly bear blog spring 2010 Knight Inlet Lodge

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

“Spring has arrived and the lodge is open.  Familiar furry faces are popping up everywhere and it’s shaping out to be a strong beginning to the season for us.  We’ve been open for a week now and already we’ve had multiple bear sightings in the estuary and the other morning we were woken up early by the blows of transient orcas in the estuary.  A small pod of four patrolled the cove twice in the day hopeful for the opportunity to feed on one of the many harbour seals and pacific white-sided dolphins that are abundant in the Inlet at this time of year.  We had an excellent view of the whales before they gave up their search in the cove and made their way back out of the inlet.

We are pleased to announce that the moms and cubs are very strong at the moment.  Lenora and her yearling cub Peanut have been regularily spotted in the estuary, and to our delight our famous white cub from last fall is out with her two siblings and impressive looking mother.  One small subadult has also been sighted feeding on the protein-rich sedge that’s coming up quickly in the estuary.”

This story contributed by Jamie Scarrow, Knight Inlet Lodge Head Naturalist and professioanl photgrapher. To see some of Jamie’s photos