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A grizzly bear story from the past

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Grizzly fishing for salmon

Grizzly fishing for salmon

The Bear that got away with the Fish.

My brief stay in 2002 at floating Knight Inlet Lodge was wonderful, and I was looking forward to seeing the grizzly bears.I was not disappointed as they turned up, one at a time to look for the fish they were expecting to catch. It was the time for the salmon run and I waited expectantly on the platform overlooking a small weir, where it is easier to catch the salmon as they fight their way upstream, and a good place view them at close quarters. Well, I was not disappointed as they turned up, one at a time to look for the fish they were expecting to catch, and appeared to be making a circuit, patrolling the weir. Some stood on the bank looking up and down while others waded into the stream,gazing despondently at the empty water. You could almost hear them thinking: “Where are the fish? But no fish appeared because there were no fish that we could see. What had happened to the salmon run?

Then, all of a sudden, one bear came rushing round the base of our platform in a great hurry and plunged into the water  excitedly. He stood on his hind legs to get a good look then dived into the water and came up with – yes, a fish in his mouth!! Of  course my camera battery decide to expire at that very moment but I managed to get a departing view of the bear, fish in mouth, striding into the bushes. He was not taking any chances that it might be stolen from him and had decided to eat it in solitary enjoyment.

I saw many bears in those two days of fantastic bear watching, but there was only one fish! I couldn’t help but wonder what they would do when it was time to go into hibernation as there would not be much fat on them to exist for all the time spent away from  the world. No one seemed to know why the fish had failed and I felt so sorry for them and often wondered how they managed. It was sad to see their puzzled expressions when the fish they were expecting for a good meal failed to arrive, but glad for the lucky one although one fish would not go very far. Better than nothing I guess!

Editors note:

Although the salmon runs does vary in timing and size from year to year we are happy to report the bears are doing very well 8 years later. This story was contributed by Elvor Shaw who was heading out to go line dancing, at age 88,  after emailing me the photo in this story. Way to go Mrs. Shaw!

Grizzly bear viewing in September at Knight Inlet Lodge

Friday, November 19th, 2010

grizzly sow and cubs fishing for salmon

grizzly sow and cubs fishing for salmon

My husband and I had the most spectacular vacation in September at Knight Inlet Lodge. The entire trip in and around Vancouver was great, but Knight Inlet Lodge was definitely the highlight. I’ve always been a “bear lover” and the opportunity to view them in the wild was a dream come true. My husband researched a variety of places to do this, and consistently found KI Lodge listed at the top. Now we know why – it was everything we hoped for and more. We saw so many bears I lost count, as well as having a fantastic nature walk, boating excursions, etc. The staff were all delightful and knowledgeable. The setting was beautiful beyond words. This was such an incredible experience!

We were fortunate enough to see a mother with two cubs quite frequently, as well as some older youngsters (“teenagers”). At one point the mother was casually strolling along the stream with her cubs nearby when a large male bear came down the stream. It was fascinating to watch how instantly her demeanor, and that of her cubs, changed. The cubs had been wandering around, easily distracted, but now suddenly sat down side by side on the edge of the stream as close to their mother as they could. She stayed between them and the male bear, in a very alert and tense pose. The male bear never really showed much interest but she did not relax until he moved off a bit and then she herded her family further around the corner of the stream. We saw a lot of “snorkeling” by the bears. This was fun to watch, and so different than the salmon fishing you see the bears do most frequently on TV. We went out to the bear stands many times, and were rarely without a bear somewhere in sight. The most difficult thing was leaving each time!

We primarily focused on the bears, but did experience a number of the other options and all were incredible. The rainforest nature walk was probably top (after the bears, of course). The guide knew so much about what we were seeing. There had been a huge storm just days before we arrived, which had literally changed the landscape of the walk. He told us about how some of the river crossings were changed, and guided us around areas with fallen trees. We saw a number of paw prints in the mud, and even a wet paw print on a wooden plank crossing a creek, so we know the bears were nearby. The eagles were everywhere. Even a slug we found was beautiful!

I cannot imagine a more perfect vacation. Thank you to all the staff at Knight Inlet Lodge!

Glendale Cove, Knight Inlet, British Columbia,

Glendale Cove, Knight Inlet, British Columbia,

Photos courtesy of Daniel Goldammer

Grizzly bear video filmed at Knight Inlet Lodge

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Knight Inlet Lodge guest Brian Glozier took this footage of grizzly bears fishing for salmon on the Glendale River while at Knight Inlet Lodge in early October. We would like to thank Brian for allowing us to pass the word around about his video on YouTube.  To view Brian’s video click here Patience please at it takes few minutes to download!

Knight Inlet Lodge is based in Glendale Cove on the coast of British Columbia. Canada and is considered by many to be the premier wilderness destination in the country.

Grizzly bear blog by Knight Inlet Lodge guest

Friday, November 12th, 2010

It was a clear October (2009) morning as we departed Campbell River on Vancouver Island Air’s turbo Otter.  We could see for miles in every direction and had amazing views of all the grand mountain peaks and fjords of the BC Coast as we flew into Knight Inlet Lodge in Glendale Cove.  On the flight was our family of four and six other guests.  As it was near the end of the season Knight Inlet Lodge was able to accommodate our family with our two children Zach 8 and Clem 6

Knight Inlet Lodge

Knight Inlet Lodge


Within an hour of arriving at the lodge we were viewing our first grizzly bears – a sow and her cub in the estuary.  These would be the first of many that we would see during our two-day stay at the lodge.  In the afternoon, after a hearty lunch, we went up to the ‘Weir viewing stand’ to try and see more bears.  Another sow with two cubs were there feeding on the abundant salmon when we arrived and two more quickly joined them. Our guide Jamie explained that there was a good return of Pink and Chum salmon this year so the bears had lots to eat.  It appeared as so as the bears could easily and effortlessly scoop up salmon with their paws or their mouths.

When we returned to the lodge we had the option of participating in a marine cruise up Knight Inlet, which we were all eager to join. Highlights of the cruise included waterfalls, humpback whales and Dahl’s porpoise all within an hours boat ride from the lodge.  Our guide also shared some stories and legends from local First Nations people. After dinner we were treated to an interpretive talk by one of the naturalists.  Then it was a quick hot tub before bed.

With all the highlights of our first day I wondered what was in store for us on our second day.  I wondered if we would see the blond grizzly cub the guides were talking about.  After breakfast our guide Jamie offered to take just our family on an interpretive walk to find animal tracks and other signs of wildlife.  He brought along some plaster to make some casts if we found some good animal tracks.  We did find lots of great tracks of bear, wolf and cougar among others, but the best were two perfect deep grizzly tracks in a sand bar by the river.  While we let the plaster set Jamie took us back to the ‘Weir viewing stand’ and then to the ‘Finger viewing stand’.  Like the day before we saw lots of bears, and yes we also saw the blond cub.

That afternoon we went on a family paddle in the lodge’s kayaks.  We paddled up into the estuary to see the ducks and sea birds.  The boys got a bit chilled so we warmed up in the hot tub when we returned to the lodge.  After another great dinner and interpretive presentation we retired to our comfortable suite.  We spent the next morning lazing around and checking out the Lodge’s salmon hatchery before departing.  Jaime gave the kids the plaster casts of the bear tracks we made the day before.  They were all nicely wrapped and safe for the trip home.  There couldn’t be better souvenirs from our stay.

Thanks to Dean and Kathy and everyone at Knight Inlet Lodge for two amazing days of adventure, learning and exploration.  The tour package was seamless right down to every detail, from start to finish.  We look forward to our next adventure in British Columbia’s wilderness.

Evan, Sue, Zack and Clem Loveless

Knight Inlet Lodge newsletter now online

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

The latest Knight Inlet Lodge newsletter is now online. This link will take you directly to it . In the latest issue are photos of grizzly bears, stories on our 2010 grizzly bear viewing season and links to videos filmed by guests. Be sure to sign up for future issues while you are there.

Grizzly bear blog by Knight Inlet Lodge guest

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

This story was posted by Knight Inlet Lodge guest Yvonne J. Thank you Yvonne!

grizzly bear on bus

grizzly bear on bus

In September 2010 we stayed in Knight Inlet Lodge. A trip down to paradise! We had the time of our lives. We experienced some great bear viewing. What a thrill to see the bears in their natural habitat. Chasing and feeding on salmon, bears walking down under the viewing platform, but the icing on the cake was when one bear jumped up on the car! Talking about close encounters! The bear was very interested in the window wipes and was not impressed when the guides tried to chase her away, afraid she would might wreck the car. She didn’t wreck anything, but she sure put on a great show! The whole trip was an experience of a lifetime! The flight down there, the lodge, the staff and the great bear viewings made a big impression I will never forget!

grizzly bear on bus

grizzly bear on bus