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Kiokh the “White” Grizzly

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

Since she first appeared in 2009 with her mom and 2 siblings our “white” grizzly has captured the imagination of both guests and the staff at Knight Inlet Lodge.

Kiokh, she is named after a local mountain that is usually covered in snow, was featured on the NBC Today show during the 2010 Winter Olympics making her a very well known bear from an early age. A reluctant celebrity, she keeps her distance from both humans and other grizzlies, Kiokh is usually seen in the Glendale cove area from early August through the fall.

Researcher John Kitchin has studied Kiokh for a number of years and reports that she is occasionally seen in the company of a much darker grizzly that could well be one of her siblings. With Kiokh now 4 years old and close to breeding age John is interested to see if she continues her habit of staying away from humans once she has cubs.

It is important to note that Kiokh is neither an albino grizzly or a white black bear (more commonly called a spirit bear.) She is simply our “white” grizzly

Below are links to videos of Kiokh in 2009 and then from September of this year. She has grown! Please note the video from this year was taken in the evening with an infra red camera, that is not snow on the ground just grassĀ  in a low light setting!

Kiokh in 2009

Kiokh in 2013


My favourite video from 2013

Friday, November 8th, 2013

We are fortunate at Knight Inlet Lodge to have a wonderful setting and subjects for photographs and videos. Every year we receive photos from guests, staff or researchers that make you smile or in some cases laugh.

That was the case with this video that Researcher John Kitchin shared with us earlier this year. John was at the lodge again in 2013 working on his DNA research of our grizzly population. part of his work involves multiple cameras located on know bear trails. these motion sensor cameras pick up some incredible footage that has a real, probably because it is, behind the scenes feel to it. For a while he was having cameras damaged or in a couple of cases destroyed by a bear. He wasn’t sure which one was the culprit until checking the footage from this camera that fortunately survived its encounter with a very mischievous cub.

If you follow this link to our YouTube page you will see what we mean. Enjoy!

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