Grizzly Bear Viewing Tours at Knight Inlet Lodge, Glendale Cove, BC, Canada

Another season has come to an end.

Another season has come to an end.

08 November  
grizzly bear lodge Knight Inlet Lodge

With the last guests departing Knight Inlet Lodge on October the 16th another very successful grizzly bear viewing season has come to an end. The lodge is now all buttoned up for the winter with water lines emptied, boats and motors out of the water and the 1001 details that go into closing a lodge up for the winter taken care of. In only a few short moths we will start to reverse the process with preseason work crews going into the lodge well ahead of our May 30th opening.

grizzly sow with 4 cubs grizzly sow with 4 cubs

Looking back at the 2014 grizzly bear viewing season some of the highlights for us were in no particular order. (a) having 2 sets of  quadruplets with all 8 cubs looking healthy.  (b) lots and lots of grizzly bears around in the fall with daily sightings of over 20 bears being common. (c) a very healthy, if late, salmon run. (d) good friends of the lodge returning for their 5th and 4th visits respectively. (e) a wonderful crew at the lodge who helped over 1800 guests leave with lifetime lasting memories (f) and finally a whole bunch of wonderful photos and videos for us to share on our Facebook page.

Moving forward the 2015 reservation season is off to a roaring start with many dates in September almost or completely sold out. If you are thinking about visiting the lodge in September of 2015 booking ASAP is definitely recommended.

A couple of new features for 2015 will be our move from Herons landing Hotel to the newly built  Comfort Inn & Suites in Campbell River. This modern, downtown hotel will feature an indoor pool, fitness center and is right next door to shopping and restaurants. The other change for 2015 is the fact that we will no longer be closing the last week of July as in past years.

Have a great holiday season and we'll see you at Knight Inlet Lodge in 2015!

see you in 2015 see you in 2015


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