Grizzly Bear Viewing Tours at Knight Inlet Lodge, Glendale Cove, BC, Canada

January 2010

23 January 2010

Grizzly Mom and Cub, Mike and June's blog

Posted by:thelodge

This story and pictures are compliments of Mike and June,  guests in mid August of 2009. They are returning for a second visit in September of 2010.

The bird in the first picture was on the back of the mum and annoying her, each time she made it move, it just flew straight back, pecking at her.

08 January 2010

Hayley Shephard, where is she now?

Posted by:thelodge

Former Knight Inlet Lodge Guide and Caretaker Hayley Shephard is about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. In an effort to raise awareness on the albatross of South Georgia Island Hayley is endeavouring to kayak around this remote and rugged island. To learn about her expedition and South Georgia Island or to read her blog from her days as a Caretaker at Knight Inlet Lodge.

Good luck Hayley, we'll be watching!

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