Grizzly Bear Viewing Tours at Knight Inlet Lodge, Glendale Cove, BC, Canada

Covid-19 and Knight Inlet Lodge

Covid-19 and Knight Inlet Lodge

13 June  


Covid-19 for our 2020 season- what we know

Hello Friends of Knight Inlet Lodge;

First and foremost, we here at Knight Inlet Lodge hope that this announcement finds you and your loved ones healthy and safe.

As we adjust daily and weekly to the ongoing COVID-19 related uncertainty, we truly appreciate the understanding and cooperation that we’re receiving from our guests, staff, travel partners, and our Knight Inlet Lodge friends.

Our lodge-based bear viewing operations were to commence on May 22nd, however due to COVID-19 related travel restrictions, border closures, and other government-imposed orders the Lodge remains empty.   I wish I could guarantee that we will be running trips this year but at this time, it is unknown if or when we will open for the 2020 season.  Regardless of how things unfold, we will keep you informed and do everything in our power to ensure that, as soon as the situation allows, we will be ready to deliver the bear viewing experiences we are world renowned for.

Knight Inlet Lodge staff are currently evaluating all aspects of our operations (e.g. dining, accommodations, boats, viewing stands, transportation, etc.) in relation to COVID-19.  We will develop ways to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 in our environment by enhancing our health and safety protocols for guests and staff, and are considering things such as seating for meal times, wearing masks on the boats, and re-thinking our beloved cookie jar, among many other potential operational adjustments.

Knight Inlet Lodge wants to ensure that our staff, infrastructure, operating systems, and partners can fully comply with all associated regional, provincial and federal health and safety regulations, as they develop.

From the outset, British Columbia established clear guidance, transparency and an evidence-based approach as hallmarks of our fight against COVID-19.  We feel confident that the measures taken by our government and the citizens of this province, BC will soon again be a safe, desirable, and welcoming destination.

We remain grateful to the amazing people attracted to Knight Inlet Lodge and we anxiously await to welcome you back as soon as possible.

Brian Collen – General Manager
and all the staff of Knight Inlet Lodge

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