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Knight Inlet Lodge Head Naturalist Jamie Scarrow's Antarctic blog

Knight Inlet Lodge Head Naturalist Jamie Scarrow's Antarctic blog

07 January  

Jamie's Antarctic adventure

I'm half away through my Antarctic season now, having just finished a lengthy 18-day expedition to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia, and the Antarctic peninsula over the Christmas holidays.  We had amazing sunshine weather in the Falklands and enjoyed the upclose encounters with giant albatrosses and various penguins species.  Christmas eve was spent somewhere at sea between the Falklands and South Georgia in a Force 9 strong gale with 6m waves and over 60 knots of wind.  Not the nicest time with furniture flying from its moorings and dinner beings cancelled due to the violent movement of the ship.  Christmas morning was much nicer and our time in south Georgia was great.  South Georgia is always a special place with the thousands of fur seals, ten's of thousands of King penguins, and amazing scenery.

The end of the expedition was spent exploring the Antarctic peninsula for around 3 days.  Most of the trips we do are solely based in the peninsula area enjoying the penguins, seals, bountiful whales, and scenery.  The scenery is second to none, with the endless glacial fields and icebergs highlighted in the prolonged austral summer sun.

Just over two more months to go until I return home to my home in British Columbia.  Soon after that I'll be back in Knight Inlet with the bears again.

-Jamie Scarrow is the Head Naturalist at Knight Inlet Lodge, Antarctic Guide and a Professional Photographer. For a look at some of Jamie's spectacular grizzly bear photos

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