Grizzly Bear Viewing Tours at Knight Inlet Lodge, Glendale Cove, BC, Canada

Knight Inlet Lodge Spring 2014

Knight Inlet Lodge Spring 2014

17 April  

The start of our 2014 grizzly bear viewing season is fast approaching. This means all of the preseason and behind the scenes work to get the lodge ready for guests is well under way. As you can imagine there is a considerable amount of planning and work to get a floating lodge the size of Knight Inlet Lodge up and running after it's winter hibernation.

glendale cove a calm April day at Knight Inlet Lodge

Glendale Cove looks quite different in April from what it will in a couple of months. Spring has not yet arrived in full force so most of our trees and plants are just starting to bud out with new growth. The snowline is still quite low on the mountains and the air has a cool nip to it. While we don't have any grizzly bears in the estuary as of April 15th they will soon be reappearing to entertain us. Somehow it is their presence that makes it finally  feel like spring has arrived and the start of the season is at hand.

Knight Inlet Lodge It really does fit on that float!
grizzly bear vieiwng at Knight Inlet Lodge snow on the hillside
Knight Inlet looking up Knight Inlet towards the head of the inlet

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