Grizzly Bear Viewing Tours at Knight Inlet Lodge, Glendale Cove, BC, Canada

Research & Conservation

Research & Conservation

21 December  

British Columbia’s Leading Bear Viewing Companies Financially Supporting Bear Conservation

Dec. 20th, 2019 – Black Creek, BC - Knight Inlet Lodge would like to congratulate British Columbia’s Commercial Bear Viewing Association (CVBA) membership, which are the leading bear-viewing operators in the province, for raising $114,000.00 for bear conservation in 2019.

Knight Inlet Lodge’s previous owner Dean Wyatt devised the ‘bear viewing licensing’ idea in 2017, and through voluntary participation with the Lodge’s guests that year raised $ 13,500.00.  “The support from our guests and our travel trade partners right from the beginning was amazing”, says the Lodges Operations Manager Phil Bergman.

In 2018 the bear viewing licensing fee was included in the Knight Inlet Lodge guest tariff and since 2017 Lodge guests have contributed $134,000.00 to support grizzly bear conservation in British Columbia.

Knight Inlet Lodge is now 100% Indigenous owned and the company’s CEO Merv Child is pleased that Knight Inlet Lodge leads this initiative and that the CBVA membership is now in full support. 

General Manager, Brian Collen said, “we are very pleased with the success of the ‘bear viewing licensing’ program and we thank all of our guests, travel trade partners, and staff for their continued support. As one of the founding members of the CBVA, we look forward to the bear conservation work this funding stream will facilitate”.


Brian Collen – General Manager

Knight Inlet Lodge


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