In The Forest

Bellanore and her 2 yearling grizzly bear cubs
Knight Inlet Lodge grizzly bear video from July of 2015. In co-operation with Researchers Dr. Melanie Clapham and John Kitchin Knight Inlet Lodge has a number of cameras situated in Glendale Cove for studying the grizzly bears of our area.
Lenore and her cub at rub tree, August 2015
Watch as grizzly sow and her cub investigate a rub tree. Great footage of the grizzly cub climbing tree and playing with its Mom.
Adult female grizzly bear at rub tree
Grizzly bear sow marking rub tree. This video from July 2015 was taken by one of the research cameras supported by Knight Inlet Lodge.
Grizzly cubs having what looks like a world class back scratch.
Grizzly cubs using a tree to have a really good back scratch. Video taken from the viewing stands at Knight Inlet Lodge.
Grizzly sow nursing triplet cubs
Knight Inlet Lodge would like to thank guest Linda T for sharing this wonderful video with us. Filmed in late August of 2016 it features a grizzly sow we call Beatrice nursing her triplets right in front of some very lucky guests. Her acceptance of our presence while nursing is testimony to how comfortable they are with us being in their world.
Grizzly bears on the road 2017 compilation
Remote camera footage of grizzly bears in Glendale Cove, Knight Inlet. Knight Inlet Lodge has a series of cameras strategically places to capture footage of grizzly bears as they travel around our area. This footage is of grizzly sows with cubs.