The lodge and scenery

Time Lapse video of Lodge move in early 2013
This time lapse video shows how the new Knight Inlet Lodge was moved from it's original location on the West Coast of Vancouver Island to Campbell River for remodeling prior to it's final move into position at Glendale Cove, Knight Inlet.
2013 Knight Inlet Promotional Video
Enjoy our new promotional video featuring the grizzly bears of Knight Inlet
A bird's eye view of Knight Inlet Lodge
A very different view of Knight Inlet Lodge. This video was created using a drone aircraft. Our thanks to the Getaway Film Crew from Australia for sharing the footage with us.
Rainbow Falls, Knight Inlet
Rainbow falls is one of the more popular spots on our Inlet Cruise (marine tour) that is part of the arrival day activities for Knight Inlet Lodge guests.
A bird's eye view of the Glendale Cove estuary
The Glendale Cove estuary is not only a great place to see grizzly bears but is also very beautiful. May & June with all the new green growth of spring is a particularly pretty time in the estuary.